Terms&Conditions (This page is under construction, T&C are not yet fully available!)

Our Terms&Conditions consists of;
1. General provisions, 2. Terms & Conditions en 3. Privacy statement.
All these conditions apply to all forms of relationships between you and LOL-Productions.

1.General provisions

1.1 Definitions:

1.2 Our address details:

Randstad22 46
1316BZ, Almere
The Netherlands

Mailing Address:

Randstad22 46
1316BZ, Almere
The Netherlands


info en service:                      
Marketing, distribution, sales, and partnership:
Job openings:                   

Business registration: not yet applicable
TAX registration: Not yet applicable

2.Terms & Conditions

2.1 Partnership

2.1.1 General partnership:

2.1.2 single sale/buy or buy-out:

2.1.3 Contract, Licences, subscriptions, rent:

2.2 Fee
A fee might be charged or payed for a service provided by you to us, or by us to you.
A fee for a service is usualy a one time fee.

2.2.1 payment:
Payment shall take place before the end of the discussed deadline.

2.2.2 prices:
Prices are as pre-arranged by E-mail or quotation/offer, and may not deviate on the invoice unless discussed and agreed.

2.2.3 Royalties:
However, LOL-Productions is acting as a label, royalies are only payed after the royalty statement has been provided by the distributer or recordcompany, and royalties have been recieved by us.

2.2.4 ownership, contract, licences and copyright:

2.2.5 costs upon cancellation:

2.3 Ownership and copyright:

2.4 Force of the majority:

2.5 Confidentiality with penaltyclause

2.5.1 Confidentiality:

2.5.2 penaltyclause:

2.6 liability & Guarantee

2.6.1 film:

2.6.2 Music:



3. Privacy statement



3.3personal data